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We export up to 90% from our mouldings mainly in Italy and a smaller part in Germany and France. The main clients of “SUPERSPLAV”in Bulgaria are companies, working in the field of machine building, food wine and tobacco industry, power supply enterprises throughout the country:

“SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE FOR METAL TECHNOLAGY” – Bulgarian Аcademy of Sciences, Sofia, “SAMEL-91” Plc, “ELPROM – ZED”, “PULDIN – COMMERCE”, “STRATUS” Ltd, “Vasil Galabov – RUBBER”, “KOBRA-91”, “SONICO” Ltd, “OBKOV” Plc, “LAKY-131”, “MONI-MG” Ltd, “METALIC” Ltd.
With the alloye produced by us \corresponding to a number of international standards\ the above mentioned companies export finished production for the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy the Arabic countries.
“Hyundai Heavy industries Co Bulgaria” Plc Sofia, KOMEKS” Plc - Plovdiv, “OPTICS” Plc, “Plovdiv - Yuri Gagarin BT” Plc, “AIGER ENGINEERING” Ltd, “MARTINI – BULGARIA” Plc, ZK “Crystal” Plc, “Railway Administration “Trakcia” - Plovdiv and Railway Administration - Gorna Oriahovitsa, “PROMAK Ltd, etc.

Clients for our production “Long Life” aluminum protectors for enameled boiler water-containers are:

“VICOM” Ltd, ET “MATEV”, periodically for “RADICS” Ltd – /trade mark for Flamina/ etc.

We supply zinc ship protectors for:

The dockyard “Koraboremonten zavod” Plc. – Varna to most of the big ship-owners in Varna.We sell zinc anodes plates to “Krepezhni Izdelia” Plc, “RUBOLT” Plc,‘ELPROM –ELIN”, “ROADTEMERSO”, “DRAGOR” Ltd etc.